We are enthusiastic about our work and it shows in everything we do.

“Continuing success requires lasting values as the core of the corporate DNA, a good reputation takes years to build but can be lost in one thoughtless moment; we actively strive to avoid such moments”

Edwin McAuley

“I see my job as like conducting an orchestra: all the members have specialist skills and qualities so my role is to pull them together to create something greater than its parts”

Sammy Wong

“We integrate design, engineering, manufacturing, analytics and App development to create value from connected devices”

Alex McAuley
SVP Product & Service

“A strongly growing business needs strong finance and rigorous internal controls; having a sound Balance Sheet and always thinking for the long-term allows me to introduce advanced processes such as SAP throughout our operations”

Peggy Junk
Financial Controller

“Great looking products also need to be robust, utilitarian, and manufacture-able. We take a designer’s inspiration and turn it into an attractive reality”

Willy Wong
Mechanical Engineering Manager

“Our team utilizes the latest development tools, components and design techniques to bring together hardware, embedded software and web services”

Fergus Lam
Electronic Engineering Manager