Privacy Policy
EME Limited is conscious and serious about protecting personal data privacy and has therefore formulated and adopted this Privacy Policy.

1. Coverage
1.1. This policy covers the handling of personal data collected or received by EME. Personal data means among other things information that would identify any living individual (e.g. name, address, e-mail or telephone numbers etc.) and such non-public information in general.
1.2 This policy is not applicable to nor does it cover any company not owned or controlled by EME. Associated companies of EME may maintain their own data privacy policies in their own web-sites, you are recommended to visit the relevant web-site for details.

2. Data Collection and Usage
2.1 EME may collect information on any person browsing EME’s web pages or those of its business partners/associates, also via trading, employment-related or other records, and from inquiries. EME may consolidate all personal information with that collected by its business partners/associates.
2.2 EME may automatically collect and record browser-information such as IP addresses and/or requested web page reading records etc.
2.3 EME may use information collected for the following purposes: to provide advertisements and web contents, to provide products/services, to contact you, to improve products/services, to process inquiries/complaints, to facilitate daily business operations, to process employment-related matters, to conduct research and statistical analysis and to provide anonymous reports for corporate users or customers.

3. Sharing and Disclosure of Information
3.1 EME will not lease, sell or disclose your information to third parties or non-associated companies without your consent, except in the following circumstances:-
(i) EME will provide the information about you to its partners who are credible and maintained confidentiality agreement with EME. These companies may use your information to inform you of the products or services of EME or its business partners/associates;
(ii) EME will use the information about you to respond to any subpoenas, court summons/orders or any legal process, or for the purpose of responding, formulating policies or exercising its statutory rights, or defending any claim;
(iii) EME will share when necessary relevant information about you for the purposes of assisting investigation and prevention of, or taking action to fight against, illegal activities, or for the prevention of breach of EME’s terms of use and related regulations;
(iv) Should EME receive any request pursuant to section 58 of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Cap.486, laws of Hong Kong; and
(v) EME will transfer your information to another party if it is being acquired by or merged with that other party, and EME will notify you in advance if the information so transferred will be governed by another set of data privacy terms.

4. Transfer of Information
EME may process and/or transfer information about you to its group companies, business partners/associates for the purposes of data management or business operations, especially to contractors processing data for EME. By using EME’s web services, you consent to the storage, processing and/or transfer of the information as stated.

5. Rights of Amendment or Deletion of User Details
5.1 You may access and amend such information about you held by EME.
5.2 You may request EME to delete your information record

6. Confidentiality, Storage and Security
6.1 EME will store information about you at such location(s) and in such format(s)/ manner(s) that give satisfactory protection against unauthorized access or usage by third parties, and will only keep such information for such period as may be necessary for carrying out the purposes as set out in this policy.
6.2 EME will limit the access to your information to staff whom it reasonably believes need access in order to facilitate the provision of EME products or services.
6.3 EME adopts solid internal guidelines, security measures and monitoring systems for protection of your personal data security, privacy and confidentiality.

7. Cookies
EME cookies may automatically be stored in your computer hard drives when you browse EME’s web pages, however you may elect not to accept any cookies in which case certain functionalities of EME’s web pages may become unavailable.

8. Change of this Privacy Policy
EME may review and amend this privacy policy from time to time. Should EME have made significant amendments in relation to the use of personal data, EME will notify the same by way of a web posting on our web-site .

9. Inquiries and Recommendations etc.
EME values comments, recommendations, and questions.